Welcome to x9000.com Consulting Services. We’re adding to this site all the time, and hopefully, you’ll find something to keep you coming back. Otherwise, we’re probably wasting our time here… 🙂

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x9000.com Consulting Services Limited is a small IT consulting company based in the UK. We have provided services, software and support for many of the largest companies in the UK.

We like to think we can see problems, identify and develop a solution in the fastest possible time. These rapidly engineered solutions can fill in where bigger products fail to meet your needs or where several systems do not interact natively. We specialise in technology around large user migration projects and also End User Computing (EUC) solutions.



Contact details are available at the bottom of this page. At some point, someone will work out how to put a contact plugin on this part of the page, but we’re just getting used to it. As we work for a living, the social media part of this business sometimes lags a little behind, but it’ll get there.